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Which One Credit Card Right For Me ?

 Which One Credit Card Right For Me ?

When it comes to picking credit cards, two of the top companies that produce several kinds of the top credit cards are Chase and Citibank. Both have been around for a long time and have good credit cards, but here is a credit card report to compare two of their cash back credit cards, the Chase Freedom Card and the Citi Double Cash Back Card to see which one comes out as one of the top credit cards to own and use.

Here is the credit card report on these two credit cards:

Chase Freedom Card : The Chase Freedom is considered as one of the best credit cards if you like credit cards with fantastic rewards, a sign up bonus, and no yearly fee, along with of course, cash back incentives. These credit cards give users five percent cash back in categories that change once a quarter and range from things like gas, restaurants, air tickets, hotel rooms, and selected department stores.

Plus, as one of the best credit cards you also get a bonus of $100 by spending a mere $500 in the first 90 days, while others require you to spend thousands of dollars to get a bonus. And you get an additional $25 bonus when you add an authorized user for the first time too. This credit card report will also show that you get one percent for other purchases not covered by the five percent rotating schedule.

Another great fact is that the Chase Freedom credit cards have zero percent APR for the first 15 months of owning the card. The Chase Freedom credit cards are also good because they are well accepted and they aren’t hard to qualify for if your credit isn’t totally perfect or if your credit history is short. It is also fairly easy for students or young adults to qualify for the Chase Freedom card too, making it an example of the top credit cards for students.

An interesting option with these credit cards is the access to the Chase Ultimate Rewards Mall, which is an online store where card holders can get 10 percent back on Chase preferred stores. The bottom line is that this card makes it as one of the best credit cards for several reasons. So, if you like no fees, no point limits, getting cash back on several categories and may not have perfect credit, the Chase Freedom card may be just the one for you.

Citi Double Cash Back Card : Another example of one of the top credit cards that have cash back rewards is the Citi Double Cash Back Card. These credit cards also have no yearly fee, but it also gives one percent cash back on just about anything you buy. But that’s not all! These credit cards also give one percent more back when you pay your bill! What credit cards do that?!

When it’s time to redeem your credit cards’ rewards, you can do it in several ways. It can be a payment to your bill, actual cash back, or a gift card. This is the double cash back feature of these top credit cards.

In addition, one of the other features that make it one of the top credit cards is that you get zero percent APR for the first 15 months on purchases or on balance transfers. It also has an EMV chip, something that many other credit cards don’t have as of yet. This lets you tap to pay for things in equipped stores. Plus, many times when credit cards are used overseas, you must have an EMV chip, so this is a great advantage that puts it in the list of top credit cards.

Other features putting in the list of the best credit cards is the Citi Price Rewind that gives you refunds if the price of a purchased item drops in the next 60 days, as well as damage protection within the first 120 days. Other benefits include travel protection, extended warranty protection, and the Citi Private Pass, which gives users access to tickets in presales for special events.

All in all, both of these credit cards are great options if you like the cash back reward credit cards. If you want to figure out which one is in the top credit cards category for you, then decide on this based on the types of purchases you make, as well as your credit rating and personal habits, as both are actually considered as top credit cards.

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